Program Application

Conversion action Online purchase with processed valid payment
Cookie days 180 day(s)
Commission type Percent of Sale
Base commission product specific
Additional terms This is an application to join Whitetail Grounds Field Staff. This application is also tied to another company BAM Outdoors. You decide if you want to partner with BAM Outdoors or only Whitetail Grounds. Share Whitetail Grounds content as little or often as you like. We do not have a set expectation for promotional activity but ask for you to support the Whitetail Grounds family and brand through sharing content and post as often as you are comfortable with. Whitetail Grounds does expect everybody to remain positive and professional with all social media content. This is an open ended contract meaning if at any point you or Whitetail Grounds determines it to be in the best interest the partnership can be terminated without notice. If you are interested in partnering with BAM Outdoors here is their information and this application will get you onboard the BAMily.
Our affiliate program is tied to the BAMily. We have 3 companies that you can partner up with or you may just decide to partner up with only one, two, or all three. We want everyone to enjoy the outdoors and to get other folks involved. For this reason we do not want anyone concerned with partnering with our companies and conflicts of interest with other companies in the same category. For example, you can partner up with BAM Outdoors and a different urine company as that does not effect either side. We hope you enjoy our community of positive folks and get others active in the outdoors.. We are here to enjoy the outdoors and get as many other folks doing the same. 

Be sure to join our Facebook Group page -
As well as like and follow our Facebook and Instagram Pages- Stickin Dreamz, BAM Outdoors, & Whitetail Grounds

Our group page is where many folks decide to start off at by just communicating and meeting other folks across North America. If you are interested in being on staff and growing with us then you should request to join FaceBook group - BAMily Staff

All request to join our groups our reviewed on an individual basis and may take 1-2 weeks. If you have any additional questions or concerns you can always contact us on any of our social media platforms. 
This is our electronic application system for joining our Staff. No commissions or revenue can be earned through this platform as of Nov 13, 2018.

BAM Outdoors is a Christian based company and reserves the right to terminate any affiliate for behaviors that do not line up with our values. Should you share your link on a page that is not suitable we reserve the right to terminate your affiliate status. If you get any type of communication from law enforcement for actions not promoting ethical and legal methods we reserve the right to terminate your status. Good rule of thumb is if you would not want my 6 year old daughter to see your actions or if you are sharing your link on a page she should not be on then you should not do it.

Changes to Affiliate Program
BAM Outdoors reserves the right to adjust or change policies and procedures without any notice. Any changes to our affiliate program will be updated to our Program Terms & Policies page.